Relief and Rehabilitation

Since 2010 Pakistan has been suffering with a series of overlapping crises and natural calamities, which led to substantial internal displacement and left hundreds of thousands in need of humanitarian assistance. These events have come at a time when Pakistan is reeling from the effects of the global food crisis, exacerbating an already precarious situation.

Natural disasters and conflicts have affected around 30 million Pakistanis and have raised chances for human tragedies. In accordance to cope with the humanitarian issues that have emerged as a result of the conflicts, earthquakes, floods and torrential rains, REPID has adopted a strategy patterned with participatory approaches. REPID is assisting local communities of FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while in combating vulnerabilities and natural disasters. Besides; assisting basic infrastructure and necessities, REPID is capacitating communities with scientific techniques of disaster preparedness and crises management. REPID has established a network of CBOs, youth associations and community activists and has provided them with the opportunities to enhance their knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding disaster management and preparedness. Further; REPID has provided local IDPs with shelters, food, drinking water and non-food items and is assisting local affectees towards rehabilitation.