Information Technology

Information Technology is used as a tool of economic uplift of the communities and to support public institution in bringing about synergy in routine operations. On one hand, the affluent part of the world is hit by unprecedented overflow of information which is fast increasing day by day. On the other hand, millions of people in developing countries have absolutely no effective communication links to the outside world. REPID recognizes that technological advances particularly in the field of Information Technology have been so rapid that it has changed the shape of all economic activities in the world, and in pushing the world towards globalization.

REPID has taken certain initiatives for promoting computer literacy at the grass roots level, promoting Internet and for providing computer access to all sections of the civil society. REPID is aware that ownership must be brought down, from use and control of selective and digital technology of the elite and government regimes to the level of communities and the poor that they serve.

Identifying an urgent need to ensure access to Information Technology in rural areas or disadvantaged communities, REPID is engaged in providing easy access to information technology in rural areas, helping them learning it easily, to disseminate simple, practical knowledge which will save lives, increase awareness and stimulate development. Hence, enable them to meet contemporary challenges of modern life. It will help strengthened behaviors through information on how people of their type somewhere else are handling their situation. It is important not only as part of a strategy for enhancing incomes and employment, but also for avoiding a deterioration in their poverty situation.